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Like a Machine

Princess Superstar is the DJ and the rapper. In the live arena, the New York-based smart-ass splits her time between spinning alongside Alexander Technique (as the duo DJs Are Not Rockstars) and rocking the mike in front of a full band. Her latest album, My Machine, is a dense conceptual piece set in the future that pokes fun at celebrity culture and features a cast of thousands of "duplicants." We spoke with her recently:

Is the live show based on the record?

Yeah, it's a whole thing with visuals and costume changes. I don't do the whole album, but I do most of it so that it's a cohesive story.

It's interesting that you're bringing a sense of theater to hip-hop.

I got sick of these hip-hop shows where people are like, "Yo! Yo! Yo! Throw your hands in the air!" the whole time, with the same baseball cap on. Even indie rock shows are like that, too; it's just that they don't tell the audience to throw its hands in the air. It's the same shit, right?

What do you think of people who play dance music and don't beatmatch?

I think it's horrible. I mean, I worked really hard to be able to beatmatch. I practiced all the time. If people are going to get DJ jobs and not practice, what's their problem?

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