Leonard Cohen to Play BankAtlantic October 17

Every young co-ed that I knew when I was a young man in college loved Leonard Cohen. I'm not sure if he fit some weird Elektra complex type of role in their lives or what, but they couldn't get enough of his deep monotone vocals and sung-spoken verses. Of course, this was the early '90s, and we were all coasting on the heels of "Everybody Knows" from Pump up the Volume and Jeff Buckley's incredible cover of "Hallelujah."  Perhaps we thought if we affected a poetic stance and listened to Cohen we might get a girl like Samantha Mathis of our very own. Either way, Cohen reps pretty hard for the great white north.

2005 saw Cohen the victim of a supposedly $5M swindle courtesy of his former manager Kelley Lynch, and 2009 graces us with his first American concerts in quite a long while. This is guaranteed to sell out and will likely be a once in a lifetime experience.

Tickets go on sale at Ticketmaster on August 10 at 10 a.m.  Don't sleep and peep the pathos after the jump.

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