Leftover Crack's Stza on School Shootings: "Our Government Is Directly Responsible For Worse"

Leftöver Crack exists at an intersection of punk rock just barely less bewildering than Hare Krsna hardcore.

While dishing out a manically mode-shifting blend of pop-punk, third-wave ska, and death metal, the lyrical content is equal parts gutter punk and Food Not Bombs.

The Crizack mashes radical, left-wing anarchism with hard drugs and reactionary politics (the constant "killing cops" motif being the brightest example) as well as a penchant for provocation and antagonism.

Scott "Stza" Sturgeon, the band's outspoken frontman and chief lyricist, and his freebasing bandmates will be rocking the fuck out at Churchill's Pub in Miami tonight.

So Crossfade shot him some questions via email about the complex -- often contradictory -- philosophy of contemporary punk rock's most controversially crusty crew.

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Matt Preira