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Lazaro Casanova's Soul Food EP Is Heavy, Hypnotic, and Moody

Cuban-born DJ and producer Lazaro Casanova

hardly needs an introduction among Miami's EDM cognoscenti. Many of you

will remember him from his days as resident DJ of Revolver, the

infamous, long-standing party that put downtown Miami hipster nightlife

on the map.

These days, Casanova is best known as a busy international tour DJ and for the petFood

label he started with LA-based DJ/producer Jay-You as a launching pad

for their tropical-flavored house productions. And lately, petFood continued to expand with quality contributions by both local and

international producers like Fabricio, Mary Velo, and Gil Montiel.

Casanova's latest release for petFood, the 2-track Soul Food

EP, shows a notable leap in the maturity and songcraft of his

productions, graduating from the percussive minimalism of his earlier

efforts to more elaborate, song-oriented vocal forays.


hypnotic and moody "Sun In The Sky" is carried by Casanova's

idiosyncratic Latin rhythms, stark moody synth, and piano stabs and a soulful Michael Bublé vocal sample. Ideal for a breezy fall night

dancing on the terrace at Space Miami or Ibiza, perhaps.  


standout track "Mhm, Yeah Yeah," old school Miami house legends Murk may

have found their rightful heir. And it's no surprise, considering the

duo's Oscar G has been mentoring Casanova in the studio as of late. This

delectably soulful, jacking number is a vocal rework of the 1992 house

classic "Nu Nu" by Lidell Townsell & M.T.F., driven by jazzy piano chords, chunky claps, and a phenomenally funky low-end.


fine efforts from a producer who has clearly come into his own in the

last couple years and is carrying the torch of Miami's homebred house

sound. Look out for the Soul Food EP, which will be hitting online

retailers on October 19. It's sure to get lots of play at the clubs

before the end of the year.

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Sean Levisman