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Lazaro Casanova Drops Feel-Good Miami House With Our Kind of Love EP

Lazaro Casanova

Our Kind of Love EP


Lazaro Casanova and his petFood label seem intent on taking over Miami's underground house scene. And they might be accomplishing that goal through sheer production volume alone.

Just this year, petFood has released a whopping ten EPs by various budding transatlantic stars like Poupon, Urulu, Jae B., and No Artificial Colours. The latter's Street Knowledge EP currently finds itself on Beatport's Deep House Top 100 chart -- so clearly Lazaro's A&R efforts are paying off. And so is his time in the studio.

Even with his own releases on top international imprints like Get Physical, Leftroom, and Nervous, Lazaro's managed to save the bulk of his output for petFood. And he's never lost touch with our city's essential subtropical vibe, always preserving his sound's intensely local flavor.

Never mind the jacking Chicago house grooves or Beverly Hills Cop synth lines of "Our Kind of Love," the title cut off his new three-track EP. This is a distinctly Miami house record, complete with Afro-Cuban rhythms, syncopated electro-funk basslines, and soulful vocals harking back to feel-good '80s Latin freestyle.

If the sound is dated, it's only because of Our Kind of Love's heartfelt appreciation for that bygone golden age of house music that's inspired so much nostalgia on international dance floors this year.

And given that fact, Lazaro's latest record is sure to make plenty of house heads swoon.

Lazaro Casanova's Our Kind of Love EP is available via Beatport on Friday, November 25. Be sure to pick up a copy and support local house music.

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