Laura Pausini, Playing Hard Rock Live

Laura Pausini is considered by many to possess one of the most powerful female voices in all of Latin pop. And rightfully so. The Italian songstress, who's sold over 40 million copies worldwide, boasts a truly blessed set of pipes, as evidenced by her vocal work on such hit singles as "Inolvidable," off her 1996 release Las Cosas Que Vives, her duet with James Blunt, "Primavera Anticipada," off her most recent record of the same name, the title track off her Latin Grammy-winning 2006 release Yo Canto, and of course, the haunting "Viveme," off her 2004 release Escucha. Add to those stats and the aforementioned exhibits A through D her multiple armloads of awards, including Grammy, Latin Grammy, Billboard, ASCAP and Lo Nuestro and it's no wonder the sexy Italian has earned a place alongside fellow renowned exports, Eros Ramazzotti and Andrea Bocelli.

Well, if you're one of her millions of fans worldwide, guess what? The lovely Laura will be giving fans a rare chance to catch her live stateside coming up in October, when her Primavera Anticipada tour, which just kicked off, brings her to Hard Rock Live in what will be one of only four scheduled US stops.

Laura Pausini performs at Hard Rock Live on Saturday, October 24 at 8pm. Tickets run $75 - $125.

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