Latin Rock Night at Transit, This Thursday, Featuring SuperSam

Up on the stage, it's a bird, it's a plane. No, it's SuperSam! Contrary to images that name might conjure, it's not tomcat Cheers bartender Sam Malone's super hero alter ego. It's actually the name of a kick ass Latin rock band that has taken root right here in Miami. And with a solid debut record in the form of their June release, Un Tiempo en Marte, the band are well on their way to establishing themselves.

Formed of members from other recognizable groups--Tango36, Little Atlas and Vocalworks--the group boasts a mature sound founded on alternative with Brit rock/New Wave inclinations. Think of the Bravery, in Spanish. Vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Jose Martinez, drummer Carlos Garcia-Menocal, bassist Ricard Bigai, and dual guitar threats Daniel Lazo and Jorge Garcia will be at Transit Lounge tomorrow night to rock the hizzy along with another band taking part in the Latin Rock Night festivities, Prima. As usually, entrance is free, and drinks are cheap.

Check out this vid to whet your appetite.

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Christopher Lopez