Last Night: The Dewars and The Band in Heaven Rock the Vagabond

Photo by Victor Gonzalez
The Dewars
The Dewars & The Band in Heaven
Friday, September 10, 2010
The Vagabond, Miami

The Review:
There were quite a few people that made an hour-plus trip from Palm Beach to the Vagabond last night in support of two of their own local bands -- a beautiful display of suburban solidarity -- since Palm Beach County is a mystery to most of us.

Sure, we'll make the trek a few times a year for an overpriced show at Cruzan, but it's mainly just a reference point on a long road trip -- eighty miles to go or eighty miles down. Nevertheless, it's kind of cute when people from Palm Beach say they're from South Florida. Yes, technically they are, but we're worlds apart.

Shortly after midnight, Twin brothers Zach and Anthony Dewar casually walked on stage with their band and kicked things off with "Single Jingle." The interesting thing about the Dewars was their ability to tell a story without captivating much stage presence. With tracks like "Pedophile Pete" and "If the World Was Gonna End Today," the music was catchy and often bizarre, but you're left wondering, "What the hell was that about?" The brothers showed little emotion both on stage and off. They're serious musicians, but they're not fun. The Dewars are a Palm Beach band through and through, from the way they dress, to the music they play -- twangy, psychedelic indie folk rock.

The Band in Heaven was the complete opposite. They brought a more familiar brand of danceable indie pop rock that Vagabond folks could vibe with a little more ease. The two-piece group, Lauren Dwyer and Ates Isildak, were testing out a new drummer last night. From the moment the band walked on stage, a group of dolled-up artsy girls in pencil skirts and high heels began dancing their hipster asses off.

The band felt more comfortable interacting with the crowd than the Dewars, and joked about how far they had travel to get to Vagabond. "It took us six days to get here," Isildak told the crowd. "Help us get back home."

The band wrapped up their set with a cover of "Dreams" by the Cranberries, and it was pretty epic. The crowd loved it, and chanted, "One more song." Dwyer responded, "We don't have any other music," and the DJ put the needle on the record.

--Victor Gonzalez

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias: I'm a sucker for indie shoegaze pop rock.

Random Detail: If I 'd invested in PBR, Parliament Lights, and horn-rimmed glasses two years ago, I'd have a private jet on 24-hour stand-by.

Overheard in the Crowd: During the Dewars, some guy standing next to me said, "Fuck this, let's go home and smoke a bowl" to his buddy. I wish.

Set List:
The Dewars
Single Jingle
Strange Change
If the World Was Gonna End Today
Bulls & Bears
Pedophile Pete
All the People
Noise Boys

The Band in Heaven
High Low
Summer Bummer
Goodbye Horses (cover)
Tunnel Into Your Dreams
Untitled #2
Untitled #1
Dreams (cover)

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