Last Night: Premios Juventud at the BankUnited Center

Jackie Guerrido

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Premios Juventud 2007

July 19, 2007

BankUnited Center, University of Miami

Better than: Staying home, I guess.

Univision spent the last several months leading up to last night’s 2007 Premios Juventud playing it up as one that would stand-alone for years to come.

Nice try but the Spanish-language network’s People’s Choice Awards fell short on several accounts.

Granted they backed up their promise with live performances by Mexican ranchera/pop star Alejandro Fernandez and Puerto Rican gas man Daddy Yankee, if we can call it that, to many things went wrong to label it an overall success.

For beginners the arrival on the ‘purple’ carpet of all guests, musicians and artists began two hours before the show started and was pre-recorded to boot. Although obviously done for television purposes it robbed the show of its authenticity and natural vibe.

Although many of the invitees showed up, including Enrique Iglesias and salsa star Victor Manuelle, a lot of the performers sang over playbacks of their most recent hits instead of live.

Which brings to mind Iglesias who stumbled – and did a lot of mumbling - over an extended medley of some of his tracks from Insomniac.

He broke into his usual act of spilling his body all over the floor before heading into the audience but offered little in terms of artistic value. On the hand, Fernandez delivered a soothing rendition

of ‘Te Voy a Perder’ after receiving a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ (Although extending this kind of honor to someone who has been around for only 15 years seemed a bit forced).

The fashion statements made by a select also seemed a bit eye-opening. The usually dapper Fernandez looked as if he was heading a clown convention during his performance with stripped pants, shirt and jacket in addition to a tricolor hankie (Ouch).

Cuban model Mayra Veronica apparently thought she was headed out for a day at the beach as she showed up in a pair of jeans over a one-piece yellow top that resembled a bathing suit .

Reggaeton star Don Omar caused quite a stir – and gave everybody plenty to talk about – by arriving on the purple carpet hand-in-hand with Univision ‘weathergirl’ Jackie Guerrido.

Looking chummy and relaxed they paraded around while offering plenty of generous greetings in between plenty of caressing and kisses with each other. Both offered one of the few arousing moments on a night that left a lot to be desired.

But in the end it was a bit like starting to disrobe before she turns and says, “I have to go.”

Critic's Notebook

Random Detail: Guerrido looked so yummy in white(Oh, my god);

Enrique Iglesias proved once again he can't worth a shit; Although the

show lent itself to a more casual feel some to it to far - especially

Mayra Veronica.

By the way: Its real - Guerrido and Don Omar are an item; And maybe

next time Univison exces will pour more of a local flavor into the


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