Last Night: Mary J. Blige at the Seminole Hard Rock Live

Mary J. Blige

July 19, 2007

Hard Rock Live

Better Than: Any lip-synching factory-made pop tart we can think of

The Review: Last night Mary J. Blige turned the Seminole Hard Rock into the Seminole Hard Soul. Rockin a one-piece black jumpsuit and some killer heels, she started the show with a mix of her older stuff, performing hit after hit after hit - she has 40 total, but blessed us with less than a dozen. Then MJB moved onto her latest album, The Breakthrough, which isn’t quite My Life or Share My World in terms of hit singles and gut-wrenching emotion, but any true fan can appreciate its vibe. Because a true fan would know that Mary has survived drug addiction, physical abuse, sexual assault and only God knows what else she hasn’t revealed. So when Mary quiets her 4-piece band and the crowd, and explains the reasons behind her song “You Can’t Hold a Good Woman Down” you forget how much you loved the 1992, tortured Mary J. and embrace this woman who declares “No More Drama” and “Enough Cryin’.” The show was amazing and showed Mary in her truest form, soul-filled vocals and undeniable swagger. Our only complaint, the show was way too short. -- Raina McLeod

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