Last Night: Ghosts In the Machine at Voodoo Lounge


Better than: Sitting in front of your computer screen and hoping that your roommate doesn’t walk in and find you masturbating.

The Review:

Wickedness and depravity have never been so hot. Florida breakbeat artists Ghosts in the Machine are known for being sick and twisted, not only because they have lyrics like “Jack and Jill hooked on crack and pills,” but because they can fill up an entire room with people and have them screaming like horny teenage girls. On Friday night especially, when Fort Lauderdale’s Voodoo Lounge had a party dedicated to the almighty breakbeat, Ghosts in the Machine showed us that a little freakiness never hurt anyone, except for the fetish dancer getting whipped on-stage. Yes, they visually entertained the crowd by providing a small fetish performance during their set while three big screens behind the stage flashed their skull logo in a video sequence that resembled a drug induced nightmare. They had all the beat boys and beat girls breaking it down on the dance floor doing their little flips as everybody else around them bobbed from side to side trying to figure out how to move to the assortment of mixed bass music.

Other acts that night in the main room included DJ BFX and DJ Exzact who also put on impressive performances for all the electro heads with their own psychedelic video footage to go along with the futuristic sounds they were playing.

As an added bonus, there was a competition between sets for the hottest out of three fetish chicks, and in an enormous display of hilarity, a random girl appeared from backstage and flashed everyone her breasts. She then licked one of the girls in the crotch, climbed on the dancing platforms, took off her shirt and plopped one of her plastic boobs on my face. Whoever said the electro scene is dead is obviously a hater.

Critics Notebook

Personal Bias: Listening to their music forces me into some weird dimension where Dr. Frankenstein meets computers and creates a thinking robot that tries to warp my mind with organized beats. It’s really creepy.

Random Detail: Ghosts in the Machine are not only music, they are a concept. They play with the idea of consciousness in machines. If you go one their MySpace website, ( they explain all of it. In fact, the term “ghost in the machine” was first brought about by philosopher Gilbert Ryle in 1949 to criticize Rene Descartes theory about the dualism in mind and body. Yes! There are still some intelligent musicians left in the music business. –Lucy Orozco

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Jonathan Cunningham

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