Last Night: Drumwerks at Soho Lounge

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DJ Goodroid

Better Than:

Listening to Y100’s techno hour and calling it a party.

The Review:

Drumwerks is back at Soho Lounge every Thursday night, only this time they’ve included a new resident DJ, Goodroid, who claims to have the only dubstep set in Miami. Either way, it’s always fun to watch a Mohawked lesbian with big boobs play music, especially when the music doesn’t suck.

The doors opened around 11pm with DJ Goodroid in one room and local Miami DJ, Danny Bled in the backroom spinning drum and bass. The first few mixes in Goodroid’s room included artists like Code 9 and DJ Luck with MC Neat, intertwined with some reggae to produce something that was very down tempo and a bit dark. It was a bit like walking into a stylish intergalactic funeral home where the people smoked lot's of pot.

Then there was the back room, which created a balance from the more laid back vibe of the first room, by including lots of fast-paced bass rhythms. While I was enjoying the site of a few hot guys stepping in a choreographed manner to a rendition of the “Together” track by Logistics, I realized, ‘Wow, DJ Danny Bled’s mixes are flawless.’

Back in the dubstep room I could hear the words, “Are you ready to stand up and fight?” submerged in instrumentals and low bass to set a chill, semi-psychedelic atmosphere.

Other DJ’s that night included Mizz K and Franky Mendez. On July 19th, DJ Alex M is said to perform, and on August 9th DJ Chino will be spinning. Different DJ’s will also be joining the upcoming parties throughout the month. The doors open at 11pm and don’t close until the early morning. If you’re into drum and bass, you have to go check out the party. It’s one of the only weekly drum and bass parties in Miami where the music isn’t packaged in generic safety. --Lucy Orozco

Critics Notebook

Personal Bias:

The party is a good break from the constant echoing of house music throughout Miami.

Random Detail:

Even though a flyer might say that doors open at 11pm, people will never get there at that time.

By the Way:

Goodroid also has a set at the Kitchen in Soho Lounge every Saturday night, where she spins industrial, ebm, and all that other goth stuff.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.