Langerado Music Festival 2011 Canceled

In March, the Langerado Music Festival announced its return after a long two-year abscence, exclaiming, "the wait is officially over."

Backed by Florida's Boros Entertainment and Austin's C3 Presents, there was hope that Langerado could avoid being sunk -- as it had in 2009 -- by "'sluggish ticket sales,' and the general shittiness of the U.S. economy."

But unfortunately, the fest announced today on its website that "Boros Entertainment has regretfully cancelled Langerado."

No definite reason has been given for calling off the 2011 edition of the Langerado Music Festival. But the fest's Facebook friends seem to have plenty of theories.

In a comment stream beneath the official Langerado cancelation update, the jam band junkies are railing against the fest for choosing Markham Park over hippie haven Big Cypress Indian Reservation. Meanwhile, the Jews are complaining about the fest being booked on the holiest day of the year, saying, "That's what happens, geniuses, when you schedule a music fest in Yidville during Yom Kippur." And finally, there's a gang of loud jerks who simply believe that the "shitty lineup" doomed this Langerado reboot.

As for Crossfade, we're gonna have to agree with the jerks and blame Langerado 2011's uninspired roster of musical talent -- including Death Cab for Cutie and The Trey Anastasio Band, along with Ben Harper, Ween, Thievery Corporation, and Arctic Monkeys -- for the cancelation. Oh, and weak ticket sales. And the general shittiness of the U.S. economy.

R.I.P. Langerado. This time it's probably dead for good.

Full refunds are available for all ticketholders by calling 888-512-SHOW or emailing support@fgtcustomerservice.com.

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