Laidback Luke's Ultra 2014 Set and Kung Fu Class Canceled After Wife Goes Into Labor

We were so stoked for Laidback Luke's Kung Fu Takeover class. Ditto his Ultra 2014 set.

But when an EDM star's wife (especially if she's DJ Gina Turner) goes into labor, he drops everything (even the drop) to speed home for the birth of his beautiful baby.

Just a few hours ago, the news of the little Laidback's arrival spread as the mother-to-be took to the Interwebs, joking about her condition via social media: "Yes. I'm posting this on twitter on the way to the hospital. Water broke."

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Even after being admitted to the maternity ward, Mrs. Laidback continued to provide birthing updates, posting an Instagram pic and cracking wise.

Meanwhile, Daddy Laidback was dropping everything and rushing outta Miami to be with his wife and the tiny raver who'd soon be emerging from the womb.

Too bad about "no Kung Fu class" and "no @ultra." But fam comes first.

Congrats to Luke and Gina!

Ticket holders for Laidback Luke's Kung Fu Takeover "will be fully refunded," according to the organizers.

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