Lady Gaga Pukes on Stage in Spain: Better Barfer Than Justin Bieber? Take Our Poll

Emetophiles (i.e vomit fetishists) are having the best month ever, and there are still 23 days left in October!

Last week, Justin Bieber spewed chunks twice while on stage in Arizona during the kickoff to his Believe tour. And this weekend, Lady Gaga one-upped the Biebz by barfing thrice during a gig in Spain.

Maybe there's a wacky stomach flu that only affects folks with superactive Twitter accounts. After all, Mother Monster and JB are one and two, respectively, in terms of followers.

You're next, Katy Perry.

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The incident happened during Gaga's Born This Way tour stop in Barcelona. She was in the middle of "Edge of Glory," slowly making her way towards a shirtless male backup dancer when, all of a sudden, she puked up Catalonian tapas.

After the show, Gaga tweeted a video link of her throwing up. "Was praying nobody saw but actually its [sic] quite a good laugh if u [sic] need one!" she wrote. "Check out Lady PukeGA doing Swan 'Vomit' Lake."

Who's a better on-stage barfer, though? Gaga or Bieber? Take our poll.

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