Ladies Night: A Weeklong Guide to Free Drinking in Miami

Gather 'round girls, the drinks are on us.

We all know it's not a party without some fine Miami ladies, and the 305 has got plenty of friendly females just looking for some place to dance and get their drink on.

That's why so many spots offer free booze to members of the fairer sex on different nights of the week. It gives Miami's women a budget-friendly party option, and it gets the dudes to come out too because ... Well, duh, the chicks, bro.

So ladies, here is a weeklong guide to free drinking in Miami.

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The most universally hated day of the week is Monday. Sorry we're not sorry, but you kind of suck. However, there is no reason a rough morning should keep us from going out at night, and The Nest is the best place to party on Mondays. Live music. Chill venue. And most importantly, ladies drink free until midnight.


Blackbird Ordinary on Ladies Night is ridiculous. When we tell you it gets packed, we mean it gets packed. So you might want to show up a little early. But on Tuesdays, Blackbird is a great place to dance the night away and catch cool live performances. Free drinks for the girls, obviously.

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Wynwood is where you want to be on Wednesday nights. Pretty much every bar is offering free drinks to the ladies, and these boozing locations are all within walking distance of each other. From Wood Tavern to Shots -- take your pick. Or go get free drinks at all of them. We're not judging.


At Purdy Lounge, Thursday is for the ladies. From 11 p.m. to 1 a.m., Miami's girls get free drinks and the DJ is always mixing the perfect tunes. With the weekend so rapidly approaching, you're probably looking for a good, chill spot to get your party on. Look no further.


Is it too much to ask for free drinks on a Friday night? Apparently, Miami thinks so. Clubs and bars pretty much stick to the pay-per-round system on weekends and everybody (even the ladies) has gotta drop a few dollars for their drinks. But The Bar in Coral Gables has a free happy hour for women on Friday night. It ends at 7:30 p.m, making this a good place to unwind and start your weekend. Time to start pre-gaming, girls.

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