Labor Day Must Be Miamian for "Get Down"

Well, it's Labor Day, ladies and gentlemen. That time of year that pretty much waves adios to the summer and renders your collection of white clothes useless (unless you're a santero in the process of haciendote un santo). Kids are back in school and the fall weather is right around the corner in...oh...about six more months. So how will you say goodbye to summer?

Transit Lounge has a few options, which would allow you to partake of good music and that most ancient of rituals imbibing, on the cheap. The festivities at the Downtown watering hole kick off tonight with performances by Elastic Bond and Batuke Samba Funk, who blend, as their name would indicate, samba and funk, as well as other flavors, like bossa, sambarock, and Partido Alto (which I have no clue how to describe to you). When Saturday rolls around, they'll have Latin-reggae-cumbia-funk fusionistas Bachaco in the house.

Don't feel like leaving the beach after a long day of drinking in the sun? Then head to Jazid tonight, and catch local favs Spam Allstars rocking their signature Afro-Cuban descargas, and more descarga still (of the Afro-Latin-baby-making variety) when Suenalo! takes the stage tomorrow.

That oughta keep you busy through the long weekend.

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