La Quinta Estacion, at The Fillmore Miami Beach, This Friday (UPDATE: Show is Postponed)

La Quinta Estacion (The Fifth Station) only rose to Latin pop prominence in the U.S. in recent years, first making an impact with their 2004 sophomore release Flores de Alquiler (Leased Flowers). It may have taken them a minute to catch on, but once they did, single after single became hits, including "El Sol No Regresa," "Algo Mas" and "Daria." Two studio albums later (and an acoustic compilation album in the mix), La Quinta Estacion have picked up a few platinum records, a couple of Latin Grammys, and hordes of fans.

They also lost one of the members, guitarist Pablo Domniguez. However, guitarist Angel Reyero and vocalist Natalia Jimenez carry on. The following statement may be a bit bold, but here goes: the beautiful and ubber-charming Jimenez has the best set of pipes in Latin pop. Seriously, she could belt it out underwater. There's evidence on the discs, but recordings hardly do her justice.

La Quinta Estacion perform live at the Fillmore Miami Beach on Friday, November 13 at 9p.m. Tickets range...something, but their page on Live Nation has been down for a few days. Check back later.

The show has been postponed. Details on a rescheduled date are forthcoming.

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Christopher Lopez