Kryptonite Metal Fest

An anti-harmonic convergence takes place at Tobacco Road on Friday when the 30-band Kryptonite Metal Fest touches down. DJ Oski and are handling the event, which will spotlight bands from all over the state playing 30-minute sets. For this minipalooza, The Road will have stages set up in the parking lot, on the patio, and near the main and upstairs bars.

But let's meet some of the players, eh? Metalcore/industrial band Madsic formed in Boca Raton in 2003, bonded together by a shared love for Hatebreed, System of a Down, and Slipknot. In January 2005, two of the unsigned band's tunes were included on a BMX video from, and the group's music has been played more than 155,000 times on

The black-metal freaks of Serpenthorn are all recent grads of Miami Beach Senior High School. Another of the many as-yet-unsigned acts at the fest, they've played pretty much everywhere in the area, from Churchill's to PS 14 to The Scene. They're big into tightness, and their nonstop practicing has given them the confidence to begin mapping out an East Coast tour.

Deland-based death metal fivesome Blood by Dawn is crazy and loud and has a guitarist named Stone who looks like a werewolf Teletubby. "We fuckin' bleed for this shit!" drummer Steven "Scud" Scudero brays through a monsoon of spittle. "We are 1,000 pounds of coffin nail," he proclaims, inviting discriminating thrashers to "come break a sweat — or a face!"

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Eric W. Saeger