King Britt

Philadelphia mix pioneer King Britt has been around for a while, starting out running the decks for Grammy winners Digable Planets and more recently producing Macy Gray. His self-categorized "sexy tech" album is certainly sexy and techie enough, bringing to mind a toned-down DJ Dan or more fleshed-out Astral Matrix as a catchall comparative vibe for the subtle strain of house erotica, glaze-eyed hip-hop, and future jazz that's aboard. The fifteen tracks are titled sequentially simply as "Dream 1" through "Dream 15." "Dream 1" is a house intro from Neptune that's like a Kraftwerk mike-check and the only real dada to be found within this watershed study of comedown commuter chill. Produced as if he'd been afraid of awakening a mouse, and quite generous at 74 minutes, the disc gets its juice from trance additives such as subtly piercing ringouts accompanying bloopy arpeggios and narcotizing subatomic blasts going off in the distance. — Eric W. Saeger

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Eric W. Saeger