Kid Sister, Maluca at Grand Central June 26

The bookings just don't stop over at Grand Central -- let's hope they are making money.

We just received word that hipster-hop queen Kid Sister will be performing live at Grand Central next Saturday, June 26. The Chicago native sort of had Miami on overdrive back when she performed at Basel and then a few weeks later on the first day of the new year at Klutch. Her debut album, Ultraviolet, was sort of a let down of what could have been. But like her female blog-house MCs (we are looking at you Amanda Blank and Uffie), she waited way too long after her initial success to release a full length. Still, the tracks seem to come to life when Kid Sister performs them live, so this is not be missed if you enjoy the hip-hop-for-white-people genre.

Who we are a little more interested in check out though is Maluca, a New York-born, of Dominican-decent (I felt as a Dominican-American I should do some kind of shout out, but I'm really not that kind of person) MC who has sort of introduced the world to electro-merengue. Er, it works some how, and she's even got Diplo's label Mad Decent backing her up.

Her track, "El Tigeraso," has been burning up the blog charts for a while now. Maybe it's the Spanglish or the flashbacks to countless Dominican parties we've attended, but we like it!

Tickets for the event are on sale now for $15 via Wantickets.com. Oh, and Kid Sister is not done with us. According to her MySpace, she'll be back in August 11 to perform at Mansion.

Check out the video for "El Tigeraso" after the jump. And before you accuse Maluca of stealing Lady Gaga's thunder of using aluminum cans as hair curlers, the video was released back in November 2009.

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