Kid Lore Releases an EP Made For Those Who Can’t Dance

Most bands — hopefully, at least — have an aha moment somewhere along the way. Suddenly, it all becomes clear, and things click. They are no longer just kids jamming out but artists with a message. 

For locals Kid Lore, that moment came in the form of a band trip to New York.

Comprised of guitarist/frontman Adam Tahoun, his brother and drummer Daniel Tahoun, and bassist Jorge “Gus Gus” Mogna, the trio visited the state this past summer to record their debut EP, For Those Who Can’t Dance, at Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen in Brooklyn.

“We wanted to just be in New York, wake up in the morning, go to a studio for eight hours, go eat, go to sleep, wake up, and do it again,” Adam Tahoun says.

The trip not only served as a means of bringing the boys closer together but also gave them their first gig outside of Florida, at the Bowery Electric.

“To play a show in another city with people who know our music there and people dancing to it, you realize there’s a market for this,” says Adam.

But while New York played a big role in the new album, the group says it’s their own city they want to represent.

“We would like to be that band that puts Miami on the map. Fifteen years from now, when Kid Lore is huge or whatever, hopefully, we’d play certain songs here that we won’t play anywhere else because this is our hometown. We’ve lived here our whole lives,” Jorge Mogna says. “I personally love Miami. Is it hard sometimes out here for a player? Yeah, it is especially for musicians. But I love it here.”

Kid Lore originally started with just the Tahoun siblings when Adam and Daniel were only 18 and 13, respectively. They recorded what they considered “really, really bad” songs on GarageBand and got a gig at Churchill’s out of it.

“It was so nerve-wracking that we took a hiatus of a year from playing live shows,” Adam confesses.

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Now 21 and 16, the brothers welcomed Mogna in late 2014, who is the eldest of the bunch at 23. The three had their first show together at the end of April this year and have been the newest incarnation of Kid Lore since, working on tracks for the new EP over the past year.

“The songs in the EP have definitely evolved from our first show in April to what we actually recorded... Everything happened very organically, like [the music] sounded one way just a few months ago,” says Mogna.
The six-track release explores mostly observations of adolescence and young love that Adam encountered during his latter years of high school and early years of college. Overall, it’s an EP for the outsider. Adam admits that he was very introverted and still somewhat is.

“For the ones who aren’t into EDM, into the loop, for the ones who aren’t at the party, for the ones who aren’t going clubbing, but for the ones who are into underground shit and into Arctic Monkeys and Ty Segall — for the ones who can’t dance, listen to rock music and let that be an escape in your youth,” Adam says.

When Kid Lore isn't playing, the dudes are devising new ways to sneak Daniel into bars (he says walking into a venue with a pair of drumsticks when there’s a show is the new fake ID), as well as challenging each other to Ping-Pong during practice at their studio.

“If the band ever breaks up, it will not be for musical differences. It’ll be for arguments over Ping-Pong," Adam jokes. 

“If any local band wants to challenge us to a Ping-Pong tournament, good luck. That’s all I gotta say. We’re pretty good,” adds Mogna.

For Those Who Can’t Dance is out on November 22 through Spotify, iTunes, and Bandcamp. Until then, Kid Lore wants you to hear the first single off the new EP, “The Art of the Soft Fall.”

Gummdrops presents Kid Lore Release Party. 9 p.m. Saturday, November, 28, at Sidebar, 337 SW Eighth St., Miami; 786-703­-6973; sidebarmiami.com. Admission is free. 

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