Keyshia Dior Dishes About Penis Size, Working With Lil Wayne, and Coconut Cîroc

Keyshia Dior has been in music videos with Weezy, Jeezy, Gucci, Plies, Timbaland, and now ... Prunk!

"You can't have a small penis and expect to please your girl," she said. I wiped the sweat from my brow as she continued, "It doesn't have to be big like a donkey. But it needs to be a good size."

Let us rewind: I was in Borders Books the other day, flipping through this month's XXL Magazine. And whoa! Within the pages of that hip-hop magazine are some sizzling pictures of Miami's hottest video vixen Keyshia Dior! As my hands became ever so clammy against the magazine's glossy pages, I made a call with my Bluetooth. My people immediately contacted her people.

We met up the next day and Keyshia asked to be the maid of honor at my upcoming wedding with Trina .

I told her that as much as I would love being Trina's hubby, it is uncertain whether that sort of thing will actually happen. OK? I'm just sayin'. I will stay hopeful in that regard, knowing that if God wants the best female rapper and I to join together in holy matrimony, it will happen. Otherwise, like Jay-Z, I am "On to the Next One."

That said, I was in the studio with Trina soon after I had interviewed Usher. I was so inspired while in the presence of MJ's heir, that The President covered an Usher song!

I had asked Keyshia Dior what I would have to do to get her in that particular President video. She answered, "I don't do low-budget videos." She continued, "I am really choosy about videos now. I don't do random videos, I have to have an acting role, similar to the one I had in the "Say Something" video."

We then talked about working on a script together. She told me that she is taking acting classes and thinking about moving to Los Angeles to fulfill her lifelong dream of being an actress. She told me that she likes to drink Coconut Ciroc. She told me that she was never in a relationship with Gucci Mane. She kissed my camera at exactly the right moment (see video above at 2:11 mark).

Well Keyshia, thanks to modern technology, you are now in a "low-budget music video." So low-budget, that it only took a few minutes to create and upload. Just by pushing a few buttons on a cell phone. God bless technology and God bless Keyshia Dior!

BTW Keyshia has her own line of lipstick coming out this Valentine's Day, and she gave me some free samples of blue and green. I told her that I would wear the blue lipstick at The President's upcoming performance this Saturday at Miami Beach Convention Center. She promised to stop by! Be there. Holla at your boy!

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Jason Handelsman