Kat Stacks Assaulted On Video, Claims Chris Brown Still Hangs With Woman-Beaters

If you haven't heard of Kat Stacks, it's okay. It means you spend a healthy time away from Twitter and from following the minutiae of struggling, up-and-coming rappers in Miami's busting hip-hop industry. Still, for the past month she's been taking the rap-centric Internet by storm with her spicy tales of sexual conquests among said rappers, blowing up the spot of anyone who she thinks has wronged her.

Miami New Times staff reporter Gus Garcia-Roberts tried to reach her this past April, but her then-manager wanted money for the interview. New Times declined, but it was fair play, perhaps -- Stacks readily admits to working as an escort and a stripper, and for these ladies, any time is money.

Think Superhead 2.0 -- Kat Stacks is out to sleep with rappers, but just for money, no pretense of trying to be an artist or performer or video girl. What draws her ire is when they screw her over (figuratively) -- and when she gets pissed, she usually gets revenge by releasing these stream-of-conscious videos that give out names, addresses, and phone numbers. (We have to admit to having thought about knocking at the door of Young Money's alleged Cite 2000 condo when we've stopped at the Daily for a sandwich).

In a way, it's an only-in-Miami phenomenon. Like, only in Miami would Chad Ochocinco allegedly try to pay an escort with a rubber check. Only in Miami would Aaron Carter allegedly take a drunk escort to Wynwood hipster brunch spot Morgans. Only in Miami would people talk about the minutiae of so many little-known rappers whose names start with "Lil" and variations of "Young."

Even though she wouldn't talk to New Times back then, we at Crossfade hesitantly admit to regularly checking in on her Twitter stream, over at @iHateKatStacks, a constantly updated stream of enough drama for an Italian opera trilogy. It's the only way to keep up now that her infamous blog, which initially drew the spotlight, is offline.

Loose lips may sink ships, but at this point, the joke's on the men who continue to use and abuse Stacks. Sure, she may be an escort who kisses and tells, so what does that make the chumps who, knowing that, continue to engage her services?

Regardless, many comments around the Internet have pointed out that it's that kind of talk that can get a woman seriously hurt on the streets, and finally, violence found Stacks. While the petite 20-year-old was sitting at a bar, two adult males ran up to her, demanding she "apologize, bitch" and when she wouldn't, grabbed her cell phone and knocked it to the ground. We won't say allegedly, because it's fact -- it was all caught on video, which was allegedly taken for proof of bragging rights.

The problem is, these men allowed themselves to be traced, somewhat. Notice at the end where one says "Say sorry, Bow Wow." Stacks now claim the slappers were henchmen of Bow Wow and Fabolous, two rappers with whom she's had trysts, then shared the details.

What's more, Stacks also claims that one is friends with Chris Brown, and was seen hanging with the Rihanna-beater in Miami this past Memorial Day weekend. You can see the picture and the identifying Tweet in question here.

If all this is true, it's not a good look for Chris Brown, who's continuing to struggle to clean up his image and get his career back on track. What's the saying about telling the character of a person by his friends? And regardless of whatever kind of moral judgment you may want to pass on Kat Stacks, think hard about the kind of man who would ambush a 100-pound woman. On this specific incident, we'll have to side with Team Kat Stacks.

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