I Do Not Care"">

Kaskade on DJ Mag Top 100 Poll: "Who Cares? I Do Not Care"

The DJ Mag Top 100 comes out today. But pretty much no one cares.

Like, it's just an excuse for the machine to rip off more commercial consumers and demand bigger dollars for their predictable set performances, bro. These are producers. They're not even DJs.

You know who lives above that Top 100 nonsense? Kaskade. He knows what's real, what matters, and he totally took to his Tumblr page This Is a Dynasty to tell those corporate hacks to go kick rocks.

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The Chicago house producer and rainbow-butterfly enthusiast has had enough of the hype machine. And though he's thankful for fan support assuring his fair placement on the list, he honestly gives no shits.

"I really need everyone to understand this: I do not care," he wrote.

But he's quick to mention how that doesn't mean he scoffs at fan approval. He just thinks it means more that his fans can sell out an arena for him. He doesn't mind if they can't take the time to click a stupid button.

Plus, he thinks the whole thing is a sham.

"While the integrity of the voting process has never actually been solid, the bigger and somewhat embarrassing question is, does EDM actually need a Prom King or Homecoming Queen?" he wrote. "I didn't jockey for the title in High School, and I'm not doing it now."

Damn, y'all just got told by a kandi kid. PLUR, modafuckaaas.

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