Kanye West "Power" vs. Eminem/Rihanna "Love the Way You Lie": Which Wins?

No two songs have gotten more music publicity lately than Kanye West's "Power" and Eminem's "Love the Way You Lie." We've been hearing about how good their videos will be for weeks now, but what will make this showdown possibly even bigger than the Kanye vs. 50 Cent Rolling Stone cover? It's definitely not their similarities.

Eminem trash-talked Kanye in the August issue of Spin. He spoke about when Kanye took the mic from Taylor Swift at the VMA's last year, saying,

"He shouldn't have done that, man. I mean, she's a little girl."

We can't help but think it's a bit ironic that he says this now. Both Kanye West and Eminem released official music videos last night on MTV. But rather than tell you which video we liked more, we thought we'd put them side by side, and let you decide in a Kanye vs. Eminem battle of the best music video.

God Complex
Kanye's "Power": He plays "King" in his new music video, surrounded by half naked women, "angels" and "demons." Tons of religious references, too.

Eminem's "Love the Way You Lie": Besides standing in a field alone in a wife beater and seeming to have the power to set buildings on fire, he doesn't seem to have one.

Star Power
Kanye's "Power": Kanye is the star. He's front and center, and doesn't flinch.

Eminem's "Love the Way You Lie": Within seconds, we spot Megan Fox, Lost star Dominic Monaghan, viciously fist fighting, then making out, then fighting some more. And obviously Rihanna is there, too, in high-waisted black underwear.

Power Move
Kanye's "Power": The entire video takes place within what looks like a painting controlled by stop motion.

Eminem's "Love the Way You Lie": Megan and Dominic can control fire in the palms of their hands, set entire building on fire as Eminem and Rihanna watch. 

Kanye's "Power": Clocks in at a mere one minute and 43 seconds. Feels almost like an elaborate teaser, though we definitely get the point: Kanye has "power."

Eminem's "Love the Way You Lie": At four minutes and 27 seconds, you get the whole storyline of the destructive relationship.

Check out both videos below, and tell us what you think.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.