Kanye West Begins Apology Tour in Miami, Hugs Female Paparazzi He (Almost) Slapped

Not everyone thinks that the Reggie-Bush-slept-with-Kim-Kardashian-before-Kanye-West joke is funny. Especially Yeezy himself.

So when a local female paparazzo teased West and current girlfriend Kim Kardashian about the Miami Dolphins running back, the notoriously ill-tempered MC lost his shit and nearly slapped the woman.

However, since the power couple is shopping around for a $10 million Miami mansion, West has since realized that he needs to do a better job winning the locals over.

For starters, he's apologizing.

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According to TMZ, Yeezy ran into the photog that he nearly battered a month ago at Miami International Airport earlier today.

But rather than reaching for her camera or threatening to smash the equipment against the terminal wall, West broke character and attacked the pap with kindness. In a rare display of compassion, he hugged the photographer.

For some Yeezy fan, the rapper's thoughtfulness was enough to absolve him of all previous wrongdoing.

Khaleel Ahmed also forgives Kayne, arguing that a "twat" wouldn't have been man enough to hug it out with a former foe.

However, Librada Mikell thinks that the stunt was a load of horseshit disguised as an amendment.

What do you think?

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