Justin Bieber's Fans Want To Breathe His Farts, Shower In His Vomit

Everyone knows Justin Bieber's droves of pubescent girl "beliebers" are totally batty.

Until now, we thought they had some modicum of decency. But turns out, they are some of the most depraved and demoralized fans in existence.

If you were listening to Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Y100 this morning, you may have caught some of the radio program's interview with the swaggy pop star. Hopefully, you didn't crash your car when you heard some of the vile things his fans would let the Biebz do to them.

Around the four minute mark, it gets a little nasty.

"If Justin Bieber said that he wanted to throw up on your head, just 'cause he was in the mood to, would you let him?," this TJ guy asked of the screaming girls who'd been lined up for hours to meet their idol in Manhattan.

"I wouldn't care ... it's Justin Bieber," said the would-be puking victim with no hesitation. We wonder where her mother was when this was uttered. Probably looking to the heavens for forgiveness.

But it gets even weirder, because then TJ asks if fans would let Bieber fart around them. Of course they would, going so far as to say that they'd inhale it. Their love knows no bounds and no shame.

At least Bieber has a bit of a soul left. "Oh my goodness. That freaks me out a little bit," he said. "Great question, bro. Why would you ask these girls that question?"

Here's to hoping Bieber starts puke-farting all over these kids. He really has all the fun.

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