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Justin Bieber Plays Beer Pong: Does the Biebz Have an Underage Drinking Problem?

Besides "spaghetti and milk," Justin Bieber didn't give much of an explanation as to why he puked on stage last week during the first North American show of his Believe tour.

He simply said that he'd try to get better for the following night's show and inexplicably tweeted an emo-ish shirtless picture of himself after the concert.

This morning, however, a new JB photograph surfaced online, and it may well shed some light on the pop star pukidemic.

Justin Bieber might have drinking a problem.

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"I like to be in control of myself," Bieber said during a recent interview with GQ. "I've had a beer... But I never get out of control."

Oh really?

TMZ reports that Bieber was caught drinking in Alabama. Or was it Canada? Shit, it may have even been Georgia. Whatever the case, Justin Bieber played beer pong and illegally consumed alcohol.

According to the site, the beer pong photo was taken somewhere between 2011 and June 2012, meaning JB was still a minor (even in Canada) and well under the U.S. legal drinking age of 21.

Now does that sound like someone who's in control?

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