Justin Bieber Gets Superserious and Looks at Himself in Video for "U Smile"

We get that there are a lot of Justin Bieber haters out there. He's so young. He's so smooth. And look at all those women of all ages fawning at him. But just look at that face. How could you not smile when someone like Justin Bieber smiles back at you? Awww.

In his latest music video "U Smile," Biebs masks his pearly whites behind a serious facade, though. Did a fan just tweet him that she's grown out of her serious case of Bieber Fever? Did that serious role on CSI have a lasting impact on his glowing personality? We sure hope not.

The music video starts off with Bieber being spotted by fans. But these can't be real fans. They don't scream, chase him, or cry. They just casually and nonchalantly walk up and ask to snap a picture. Weird. He then proceeds to "pick one of them up" and asks them out. Umm.

Now we're not die-hard Biebs fans or anything. We really didn't pay him much attention until we saw how well he performed at the VMAs this year. But we get his appeal, and that's why we kind of feel bad for him in this video. Does he really think his fans are that lame and boring? Does he think they won't climb the tallest mountain and scream from rooftops for him? Are they really all just ordinary girls walking down the street, and he's waiting to fall for 'em?

What's more, Biebs took to his Twitter account recently to explain the meaning behind it all, saying,

"The video is I meet as she is a fan ... and I fall for her. I fall 4 her smile ... it is the story
of me and her ... and she represents all of u. So when u watch tonight think that could
be us :)"

What a tease! If you can't wait 'til his show at American Airlines Arena on December 18, watch the video below, and tell us what you think.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.