Justin Bieber Drops Dubstep Song "As Long As You Love Me": A Five-Point Breakdown

The first sign of the dubpocalypse just dropped. And it's covered in little girl slobber.

Justin Bieber's latest single "As Long As You Love Me" has been unleashed and it's already taking over the world. The surprise: This one comes with wub-wubs.

Listen to the Biebster do his best Skrillex impression. And then check out Crossfade's five-point breakdown.

This Sounds Familiar

The Biebz's dubstep track totally reminds us of old UK garage hit "Heartbroken" by T2. Something about that opening line and synthy texture has got us (not) begging for a mash-up.

No, It Really Sounds Familiar

Bieber is totally giving a shout out to his forefathers on this track. Exactly 15 years ago today, boy band superbrand Backstreet Boys dropped a hit by the same name. The Biebz knows from whence he came.

WTF Was He Thinking?

We've got to say, the worst part of this song isn't even the cheap dub knockoff or Bieber himself. It's totally Big Sean's crappy feature. His flow over this beat is like chugging vodka on a roller coaster ... It makes us want to throw up on children.

Who Is Behind This Madness?

Before you go pointing fingers at the dubstep mavens, take a look at the production credits. Turns out there are no dubstep OGs behind "As Long As You Love Me," just R&B legend Rodney "Dark Child" Jerkins. You know him from his work on Brandy's "The Boy Is Mine" and Lady Gaga's "Telephone" and everything else.

No Amount of Hating Can Stop This Now

Sorry, haters. This rocket is already in outer space. As of publication time, "As Long As You Loved Me" is sitting sexy at number two on the iTunes chart for top 10 songs in the U.S. It's only been here a few hours. And Justep is already wub-wub-ing your wives and daughters.

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