Justin and Christian Martin Present A Dirtybird Wedding

Over the past few years, brothers Justin and Christian Martin, with their Dirtybird and Buzzin' Fly crews, have harnessed their San Francisco hometown's thermal currents to establish themselves and their city as an increasingly potent presence on the international techno circuit. Including cohort Claude VonStroke, the Dirtybird gang launched a series of free summer Sunday parties in Golden Gate Park in 2004, starting with 20 people and eventually peaking with a crowd of 600. The openness — aurally and actually — at these parties was instrumental in shaping the Dirtybird sensibility. The Martins and VonStroke, with their label's signature playful vibe, continue filtering the deep rumble, atmospherics, and technical precision of Nineties drum 'n' bass through tech-house's depths, adding mischief and bass bombs to the 4/4 beat. Inter-label activity has only furthered the breed, drawing increasingly more bodies to the dance floor at Dirtybird's Bay Area club monthlies. They must be infecting South Florida too, though, because this weekend's party at Shine marks the gang's second appearance here in the past three months.

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Tony Ware