Junior Senior

As world events keep taking dark turns, Junior Senior continues to get happier. On its second long-player, humorously titled Hey Hey My My Yo Yo, the Danish duo is practically giddy in its effervescent good mood. Hey Hey fizzles and pops with all the ingredients necessary for a good time. Handclaps peppered throughout? Check. Seventies-style sunshiny guitar jangles? Check. Repetitive, nonsensical, easy-to-remember choruses? Check. Sing-along lyrics with the buzzwords love, music, boy, girl, song, and dance? Check.

"We Are the Handclaps" and "Happy Rap" are practically children's TV show theme songs, with their elementary, visceral nature. Meanwhile the Jackson 5 is channeled more than a few times, particularly on "Itch You Can't Skratch." Guest appearances from the B-52's, Le Tigre, and Motown legends the Velvelettes solidify this as classic, fun-filled pop. At times Hey, Hey is so tongue-in-cheek in its use of fantastically clichéd party elements it almost seems as if Junior Senior is kidding. But the twosome is so good at turning something essentially cheesy into something dangerously infectious that the best thing to do is just put your arms up and surrender to the beat.

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