Juke's Evan Lamb Has $60,000 Worth of Gear Stolen, Help Catch the Crooks

Evan Lamb was at the BP gas station at Coral Way and SW 23rd Avenue around 1 a.m. when he got a bad feeling about the $60,000 worth of gear that he'd left in his van with the engine running.

As he was walking back to his idling truck, a Latin male in his 20s with a ponytail and black shorts was sprinting toward it. The thief jumped in, slammed the gas pedal, and took off with Evan hanging onto the door.

For the local sound man and guitar player in The Big Tasty, Juke, and Crimson, it signalled the instant loss of 15 years of purchases, not to mention his work vehicle.

We here at Crossfade spoke to Evan about how it happened. Check the cut for a full list of the stolen gear. And help catch the crooks.

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Evan Lamb's Stolen Gear

-Mesa Mark V 1-12" combo in an EWI pullover case,

-36" white TrailerTrash pedalboard (Crybaby 95Q wah, Boss 500 Volume pedal, DoD Octoplus, Mini QTron, ZenDrive, Fulltone Plimsoul, Fulltone OCD, MXR EVH Flanger, Fulltone Supatrem, Boss TR2, MXR Carbon Copy, Boss DD5, Midi Switch, TC Polytune, Sennheiser G3 wireless)

-1997 Fender Roadhouse Strat (Shoreline Gold, Seymour Duncan Hotrails humbucker in the bridge)

-2008 American Standard Telecaster (Sunburst)

-Ibanez RGA Prestige (green/grey flame top, stickers on it reading 'BiG Tasty' and '2007' on it)

-Two Yorkville LS800P powered 18" subs

-Mackie SR1530

-16-channel EWI 150' snake on a reel

-Sennheiser G2 wireless handheld with receiver

-2004 white Chevy Express 2500, license plate: 771 THS

So, what exactly happened?
It was actually kind of dumb on my part. My car battery was dead so my wife came to the gas station and gave me a jump start and I needed to put coolant too cause the car was overheating, so I had to leave it still running cause you have to have it on to put in the coolant  so we went around the side of the gas station where the clerk was asleep in the store to buy some coolant. I felt a shitty feeling for leaving my car on and then as I'm walking back to it I see a guy sprinting to it to jump in. So I start running and I grab the door, but he gets away, so I chased him for a few blocks in my wife's car. I ran a red light and then flagged down two cops, and they gave chase, but they only went for 2 blocks, and they didn't know who they were following in the first place, but I could see the guy getting away.

What'd the guy look like?
Early 20s, mid 20s, Latin male, dark brown or black hair in a pony tail, black shorts, black sneakers, and a basketball jersey or a tshirt.

Did he jump out of a car, or did you see where he ran up from?
They were just hanging out at the gas station.

It was two guys?
Only one guy took the car, but...it was two guys hanging out at the gas station when I pulled up.

So what was going through your head when it happened?
I remember thinking "He isn't really trying to steal my van right? What kind of fucked up place is this?"

Where are you from?
Miami. Born and raised

So you're like a sound guy right?
Yeah, but, I'm also a guitar player, I lost my entire guitar rig, my amp and three guitars and pedal board....and brand new Macbook, but that's replaceable.

You had insurance?
Vehicle insurance, but probably no theft coverage for that.

So you lost the stuff you use to make money?
Not to mention the van that takes me to work. And I've been accumulating that gear for the past 15 years.

How much was it all worth altogether?
Including the van about $60,000 dollars

What band you in?
I play with The Big Tasty, Juke, and Crimson.

How the police been?
Last night when it happened they looked around for a couple minutes. I'm sure they're doing their best, but it's like I get a slip of paper and they say call this number everyday and see if we found anything.

You flagged them down?
I saw them a couple blocks ahead on Coral Way and then when I came to a red light I flagged them down, but by the time I communicated what was going on, the van was getting away.

Contact BlackSheepSound@gmail.com with any info.

On the Lamb: A Benefit for Evan Lamb's Stolen Musical Livelihood. With Omine, Monkey, Suénalo's Adrian Gonzalez, Aaron Lebos, Afrobeta, Allstar Jam, The Cornerstoners, and others. Wednesday, October 3. The Stage, 170 NE 38th St., Miami. Doors open at 10 p.m. and admission is a $5 suggested donation. Ages 21 and up. Call 305-576-9577 or visit thestagemiami.com.

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