Judas Priest and Whitesnake Playing Hard Rock Live August 17

If you've seen Rock Star starring Mark Wahlberg, you know (at least Hollywood's version) the story of how Tim "Ripper" Owens came to be lead singer of the Rob Halford-less Judas Priest. Long story very short: Halford left the band to thrash solo. Meanwhile Ripper Owens was in a Judas Priest tribute band, got discovered that way, and started playing with the real Judas Priest.

The story behind the Whitesnake's lead singer is a little less interesting. David Coverdale sang for Deep Purple, then started Whitesnake. That's the end of that.

Still, Whitesnake and Judas Priest are touring together in support of ... well, in support of their bank accounts. If you'd like to hear "Turbo Lover" and "Is This Love" live, you should probably buy tickets through Ticketmaster. The bands play at the Hard Rock Live on August 17. Be prepared to drop at least $45 to get in, and up to $90 if you want to see David Coverdale sweat.

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