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Juan Basshead Named Top U.S. Dubstep Artist By Major U.K. Newspaper

Yesterday, the major U.K. newspaper The Sun ran a music trend piece whose thesis more or less deserves a resounding "Duh" from anyone around here. The headline: "Dubstep making leaps in the U.S." Well, yeah. 

Anyone into electronic music in the States -- like the thousands and thousands of people who crowded the bass/dubstep stage at this year's Ultra -- and anyone into dubstep across the pond already knows that. 

We're not here to pick apart the origin of the article, though. The Sun is a general-interest publication, a tabloid newspaper read largely by tube commuters, kind of like the London answer to the New York Post. Actually, it's pretty damn cool that a paper like that would run an electronic music article at all, but the mainstream press in England has always been ahead of us Yanks in that department.

What we are here to point out, though, is the Miami love in the story. 

As proof of dubstep's hold over us, the paper points out said stage at Ultra (and includes some cool video of Skream's set there), and the rise of L.A.'s Smog Records, among other things. The story also rehashes the rumor that Skream and Benga are set to work with N.E.R.D.'s Pharrell Williams, although further details and any actual tracks have yet to emerge.

Here's what really warmed our hearts though -- a sidebar to the article titled "Top U.S. Dubstep Names" mentions acts like 12th Planet, Noah D, Starkey, and ... our very own Juan Basshead. Big ups, Juan.

Newer faces on the scene know Juan most likely from his involvement with New Times' 2010 pick for Best Monthly Party, Get Low at the Vagabond. Conveniently for you, you can hear what this Top U.S. Dubstep Name is up to this Thursday, when Get Low returns to the Vagabond for a party featuring headlining sets by Lazer Sword and A-Sides. Get all the details on Get Low's Facebook page

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Arielle Castillo
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