Join The Monkey Village, Live At Transit, This Friday

On The Monkey Village's website, it says that if you ask 10 people to define the name, you'll get 10 different answers. Not to worry, though. It goes on to give the assurance that all of them would be correct. Well, what about that one drunk jerk who would invariably arise to slur, "hey, isn't that where the chimps throw shit at you?" THAT guy would be wrong. Because that's Monkey Jungle--no relation. Don't get me wrong, Monkey Jungle has its charms for primate lovers. But it can't compete.

For one thing, The Monkey Village is a collective of local musicians coming together for the idyllic purpose of creating music simply for the sake of providing grooves to dance to. And they certainly have the right moving parts. Among others, members of such stellar local talent as Elastic Bond, Lanzallamas Monofonica, Suenalo!, Locos Por Juana and Afrobeta have all joined the ranks of this who's who of local Miami music awesomeness. Plus, The Monkey Village just released the collective's 21st compilation this Tuesday.

Which brings us to this Friday's celebration at Transit. You know the drill: no line, no cover, no hassle and cheap drinks. Chucking feces is, however, frowned upon. Point Monkey Jungle.

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