Johnny Winter Plays Culture Room on October 9

When I was a little boy I used to sit on the floor in front if a bookcase in my Dad's living room and look through his records.  They were all in alphabetical order and I would play them on his old old old turntable and hi-fi stereo system.  One of the records was About Blues by Johnny Winter.  It was a hot as hell turn through a bunch of old blues tracks and I had never heard someone play guitar like that before.  This picture on the cover was a bluish head shot of a really skinny white dude with stringy white hair.  Years later I found out that that album was one of the ones put out by the notorious Roy C. Ames, a shyster who took Winter and many others on a ride.  I also found out that Johnny was the brother of Edgar and that he was an albino drug addict who might be the best electric slide player ever.

This is a link to him slaying "Talk to Your Daughter" at the Royal Albert Hall in 1970, just destroying it really.

Johnny Winter plays Friday, October 9 at the Culture Room, 3045 N. Federal Hwy., Ft Lauderdale.  Tickets are $19.99. 954-564-1074; cultureroom.net

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