Jennifer Lopez Parties With Prince Harry in Vegas, Skips Naked Billiards

Prior to the advent of mobile phone cameras and search engine optimization, what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas.

But it's 2012 now. So when the Prince of Wales decides to strip down to his crown jewels, cup his testicles, and let a bevy of topless women that he met at a hotel bar run amuck in his high-roller suite before heading to Jennifer Lopez's pool party, shit's going viral.

Until this morning, Prince Harry's balls were sacred. Now, they're on TMZ.

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The celebrity gossip site reports that Queen Elizabeth's grandson was in Sin City over the weekend when he and his entourage "met a bunch of hot chicks" at a hotel, and invited them to play naked billiards in his room.

Presumably after an intense, late-night game of eight-ball, Harry and his guests stripped nude and ran about the suite like it was a 1960s-era swingers' club in London.

Unfortunately for the House of Windsor, though, a snap-happy co-ed betrayed the Prince's trust and leaked photos of Harry's willie.

However, it didn't stop the 27-year-old heir from enjoying the rest of his Vegas getaway.

A day after the pictures were allegedly taken, Harry was spotted pounding Grey Goose at a Jennifer Lopez-hosted pool party at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.

Not only is he a Prince, British homie's also a boss.

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