Jean Marie at City Limits in Delray Beach Tonight

What do you get when you grab the Au Pairs, ´80s-era King Crimson, Mungo Jerry, and the guy who mixes the harmonies for The Scissor Sisters, stick them in a blender, and hit “frappe”?

Goo. You get goo. It’s disgusting. Never try it.

But! If you take those same ingredients, add an ear for weird hooks that sound obvious after one listen, and stick the resulting combo onstage — well, then you get something like Miami’s jangliest, danciest, post-punkiest pop band, The Jean Marie. Their debut EP What’s A Revolution Without Backup Dancers? showcases a group smart enough to nod to Emma Goldman and hungry enough to need you to notice. The follow-up is just as smart and voracious, but more assured. It’s full of jokes that aren’t quite jokes and moments of passion that can’t stop winking, all surrounded by lovely guitar noise that recalls “Marquee Moon” and whoever your favorite stunt noodler might be. The live versions of these songs are like the pimped rides of their recorded cousins, maintaining their dancy, jangly cool but injecting more rock than the records hint at. Experience this firsthand tonight at 8, at City Limits (19 NE 3rd Ave., Delray Beach, 561-279-8222). Tickets are a steal at $8. For a preview, swing by K Thorp

Check the band out in a Miami elevator shooting a music video

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Jonathan Cunningham