Jazid's 17th Anniversary: "It's a Special Place, It's Like a Shrine"

South Beach nightlife prides itself on throwing the top A-list bashes in town, attracting celebrities, Miami's elite, and superstar athletes alike. But amid SoBe's glittering cluster of megaclubs, there is a joint that's stood the test of time -- Jazid.

Having called Washington Avenue home for 17 years, it is the only spot on the beach that remains solely dedicated to live music.

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"Music is hard business," says Daniel Wohlstein who owns the SoBe gem. "It's costly and sometimes not that appreciated. So it has been a major accomplishment, seriously."

Although the club has seen a lot of changes throughout the years, from management to the crowd, there is one thing that's remained constant -- Jazid's loyalty to live music.

"It's love and passion," attests Tony Alarcon, part-owner and manager.

He has been managing the club for almost seven years, but has been in the music biz since he was a teenager.

"I know the band vibe and I know clubs," Alarcon says. "I get it. I know how both sides work. All Jazid really wants is great bands and music. I look for bands that take themselves seriously. If a venue doesn't help its bands, then the venue won't get anywhere."

And great bands and music is what the regulars at Jazid have seen throughout the years, including Latin Grammy-nominated Locos Por Juana.

"Jazid is the place that's been around since the beginning," says Locos' long-haired guitarist Mark Kondrat. "It's a special place for us. It's like a shrine. We go there to let loose, let go, and play music."

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