Javelin Brings Electro Hip-Hop and Keyboard Kitties to the Awarehouse November 13

 come right out and say it: We hold a special place in our hearts for any band that proudly displays a synthy floating through space with a furry cat at the keys. And that's just what Javelin is all about: Amazingly vivid imagery, word creatin', and body shakin'.

Over the last couple of months, Miami's had its fair share of Brooklynite invasions. But this latest onslaught will be different because it's coming from a crew of electro-cum-hip-hoppers, whose idea of a mascot is colorful boomboxes stacked up like pyramids. And November 13 at the Awarehouse, you'll see just how high those radios can go.

Javelin will be joined by local one-man electronic outfit Entresol, as part of a special post Wynwood/Design District Art Walk performance, hosted by UM's WVUM the Voice. Part disco dance-off, part Jamuel Saxon reincarnate, Eduardo Rivadeneira's trademark daydreamy mishmash is sure to set the pace after a few hours of boozing and art cruising.

Our guess is Javelin will have its own creative artwork on display, too, from their speaker totems (which they've dubbed "boombaatas"), to master works in Lolcats. Let's just hope they bring their keyboard kitty out for a spin. 

Javelin with Entresol. Saturday, November 13. Awarehouse, 550 NW 29th St., Miami. The show starts at at 10 p.m. and tickets cost $10 in advance via

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Christine Borges