Janet Jackson and Six Other Secret Celebrity Muslims

Just when you think you know someone, because they've literally grown up in the public eye, you find out that they're one of four wives to an Arab millionaire and a secret Muslim!

Well, that's what the National Enquirer is saying about Janet Jackson in its latest cover story. And you know the 'Quirer can't publish anything that isn't 100-percent verified.

So .. Which other celebrities are lying to us about their religious affiliations? Who's pulling an Obama?

We here at Crossfade did the Google image research to find out.

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Mrs. Z all but outed herself when she posted this picture of her beautiful face framed by a hijab on Facebook, in honor of the Islamic holiday of Ramadan. All that fasting really helps shed the baby weight. Is she secretly raising little Ivy Blue under the watchful eye of Allah? Jay has never come off as the religious type. But now we know the truth.

Kanye West

That giant chain and the whole "Jesus Walks" thing is one hell of a diversion, but we're on to this fashionable phony. Word on the street, Mr. West is sneaking out of the studio to attend Nation of Islam meetings, no doubt about it. Just look at those harem pants. We know he's open to polygamy, because he's constantly rapping about it. This just proves everything.

J. Lo

No. Not all Latinas are devout Christians. It's rumored that Lopez's secret Muslim beliefs were the reason her marriage to Marc Anthony fizzled out. That's also why she quit American Idol. Actually, blame all of J. Lo's breakups on her faith. 'Cause Jenny from the Block really only loves Allah.

Kid Cudi

Turns out Kid Cudi isn't really from the Moon. It seems more likely that he was turned on to the Quran by his buddy Kanye. The two faithful believers may have even made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land together. They claimed to be filming an epic music video mini-film. But the whole thing was suspiciously top secret.


We already knew M.I.A. was a super-bowl hating, anti-American asshole. And even though some insist that she's of Sri Lankan Tamil descent, there are whispers that Ms. Arulpragasam's got ties to hoodlum groups in the Middle East. Not that we're saying all Muslims are terrorists, but she wasn't hiding anything in her video for the song "Bad Girls." Someone alert the FBI! We gotta sleeper cell over here!


Another bad girl playing for the prophet's team is RiRi. She stays smoking that good-good, and she stays steady praying five times a day. Bonus points: We know Rihanna's Shiite because they don't like pop music, and this explains why she refuses to sing during her live performances.

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