Jane Jane Pollock Performs, Screens Film at Sweat Records Saturday

Michael Arcos is one of Miami's most gifted sons. As a filmmaker he makes movies that make people confused, giddy and sometimes a little upset. As a musician he makes music that elicits the same gut reactions.

There's something innocent about him and his art. Sometimes. There's something dark and scary, too. Fortunately, charm is not the least of his gifts. If and when you approach him to let him know his music or movie has upset you, his smile and spirit will assure you that it's okay.

"I've had a couple of people come up to me and say, 'Hey, what the fuck?'  I'm pretty good at throwing in a smile and talking it out," Arcos states, "I'm not a malicious person. I just have kind of strange tastes and a little dark humor."

This Saturday, Sweat Records hosts a performance by his band, Jane Jane Pollock and a screening of one of his films: Angel Eyes 2: J-Lo's Innermost Secrets.

The movie was shot near his Cutler Ridge home in 2002. It's a dark comedy, a tragedy, a video mixtape, and a psychedelic trip. He used friends and kids he'd baby-sit from the neighborhood in the movie.

Arcos left Cutler Ridge and Miami in 2005, not because he wanted to move to a bigger, better city, but because he needed to be somewhere with more space. "I felt kind of cluttered in congested in Miami, I found a taste of the country in Tallahassee; I wanted more of that so I moved to Southern Georgia."

He started recording on a 4 track under the name Jane Jane Pollack, and found like-minded individuals to join him on th- road to wide open artistic freedom. Take a listen to the track "Satin Pillows," it's sweet and haunting. Kind of country. Kind of sci-fi.

The band is a four-piece now. The organ player, Courtney, is not a trained musician, but it's that not knowing and that lack of convention that makes it interesting to Arcos. He's driven to create, he has to, and the playful spirit of children is always present in his music and his films.

"Children have always been a theme in the stuff that I do, I hope it comes across in the music," he adds.

Another thing children are is fearless. Five-year-olds don't care if they offend you or shock you; they just want to play. Jane Jane Pollack just wants to play. They are doing it all on their own, they are the heads of their label, Flee Ridden Kittens. "We're doing it because we enjoy it, hopefully it stays that way"

Jane Jane Pollock performance and screening of Angel Eyes 2: J-Lo's Innermost Secrets at Sweat Records. September 4 at 8 p.m. No cover; all ages.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.