James Cameron to Direct 3D Black Eyed Peas Tour Film

Fresh off of the enormous success of Avatar, James Cameron's latest 3D effort will include tons of live music as he teams up with Black Eyed Peas to make a not-yet-titled full-length tour film. We're not kidding.

Will.I.Am spilled all the deets in a recent interview with Vibe, where he said:

"We have the biggest director, because we are the biggest group on the

planet," he said. "People will be able to see us in the theater with

the 3-D glasses and everything... We've toured from America and Europe,

to the Middle East, South America, Asia and Africa. It's not like we

go, 'Yo, we are international, you know what I'm saying? London and

Paris!' Nah, that's just two cities. We want to go across the planet."

Will.I.Am's delusions of grandeur aside, we're not really sure why Cameron is switching gears from blockbusters to glorified music videos. Our best guess is he's judging how well Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience and Michael Jackson's This Is It did in the box office.

The film is tentatively set for an early next year release, and it's based around what the Black Eyed Peas do while they're on tour. Here's hoping it's not just the standard behind-the-scenes before the show footage backstage. After all, we expect more from a band that wants to go across the planet. Will they be made into their own personal avatars? Will Cameron meet them halfway? Will it be a success, or will it go boom, boom, pow? If there's anyone that can make them literally jump out of the screen, I gotta feeling it's Cameron. Okay, we think that's enough BEP references, for now.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.