Jah Cure Enjoys His New Freedom

jah%20cure%20-%20free%202.jpgHear the new track "My Life" from Jah Cure

So reggae crooner Jah Cure is fresh out of prison. Lot's of folks in the Caribbean are elated at the good news. At the same time, lot's of folks in the Caribbean feel people shouldn't be so quick to herald a convicted rapist. Both sides have a point. But one thing that's for sure is that life in prison is not a bed of roses. And regardless of if you love him or hate him, Jah Cure has every right to be happy about his release. How happy you ask? Check out the latest photos of Cure reunited with friends and family. --Jonathan Cunningham Jah%20Cure%20with%20his%20Sisters.jpgJah%20Cure%20with%20his%20mother%20Panseta%20Campbell.jpgJah%20Cure%20-%20Free%201.jpg Read a follow up story from the Jamaica Observer here.


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