Jacuzzi Boys to Play Seven-Inch Release Party at Churchill's, Mar. 6

Miami psych/punk outfit the

Jacuzzi Boys

are playing a 7" release party at Churchill's Pub on Friday, March 6. 

Needless Records

is putting out the split with Austin's

Woven Bones

.  The Dade County side features "The Countess," a sort of unearthly slow burner that highlights Gabriel's vocals and makes a dirge-like procession through twisting guitar lines and muted cowboy-style rhythm changes.  The release party also features the rest of Miami's now fairly established, yet small, garage/punk/psych scene, the

Electric Bunnies


Melted Sunglasses

, and

Tee Pee

.  It only costs 5 bucks, ya cheap fucks.  Tell Danny and them to play "Coyote" if you go. 

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