Jacuzzi Boys' Interview With Buddyhead

Let the record show this Buddyhead piece with the Jacuzzi Boys is perhaps the stupidest interview ever. The questions are half-assed and pointless. And for the ones that are provoking, they obviously only look to stir up drama. Thankfully, the Miami-based band wisely choose the high road.

For instance:

4. Time for REAL TALK: Who is the biggest asshole you've ever shared a stage/studio with?

Gabriel: Well, obviously some of the bands we've played with have been cooler and friendlier than others... but no band in particular sticks out in my mind for being real dicks... It's just like anything else, a sound guy can be a real dick, or a waiter at a food joint can cop a real attitude... you just gotta brush it off and keep movin'!

Danny: Yea, I feel like assholes attract assholes and we're all pretty cool, so people coming at us on some dumb shit is luckily a fairly rare occurence (sic).

Danny, this interview itself was some dumb shit, but luckily you guys came out winning. And really Buddyhead, are you going to ask such a young band to dig their own funeral so early into its career? If you guys wanted to be "edgy" and "cool," just ask them what kind of drugs they take on a regular basis.

The boys are currently on tour across the U.S. and won't be back in town until the end of June.

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