See Miami through the eyes of Julian Yuri Rodriguez, and the sounds of the Jacuzzi Boys.EXPAND
See Miami through the eyes of Julian Yuri Rodriguez, and the sounds of the Jacuzzi Boys.
Photo Courtesy of No Seasons

Jacuzzi Boys Give MTV's No Seasons a Perfect Miami Soundtrack

Seasons come and seasons fall, but the Jacuzzi Boys, Julian Yuri Rodriguez, and MTV have No Seasons at all.

Rodriguez, the goofy-grinned eternal-boy of a filmmaker, uses those words to open each episode of his own web series. The less-than 10 minute webisodes are available via MTV (other), MTV’s short-form digital content studio, and the title of the show comes from an old Jacuzzi Boys track titled “No Seasons,” from 2009’s LP by the same name.

It’s a track that captures the slow, lazy heat of living in a perpetually tropical quagmire. It’s a sound that encapsulates Florida’s swampy, musty reality, just as the show itself provides a visual for the local angle of life in The Magic City. It’s that honest angle (even if the storylines aren’t 100 percent honest) that made the Jacuzzi Boys sign its song over to the series.

“We love the show. It's great,” says Jacuzzi Boys bassist Danny Gonzalez in an email interview. “I think it does a really good job of showing a side of Miami that's not often talked about. It's kinda the way the city exists in my head.”

The Jacuzzi Boys are just one in a series of local inclusions. Rodriguez has done a wonderful job keeping real Miami at the heart of the No Seasons project. Fellow 305 musician Otto Von Schirach makes a few appearances as the creepy dude who stole the star’s boat. Each episode is full of local character cameos. If you are between the ages of 18 and 35, and have gone out at night in Miami in the past five years, you will see someone you know. Not that you have to be a Miamian to dig it.

“It's especially fun showing it to folks that aren't really familiar with Miami,” Gonzalez says. “They always trip out.”

Miami’s surf-rock garage kings are currently in Los Angeles recording a new LP, which gives them plenty of opportunity to share the No Seasons insanity with outsiders. In just a few months, they’ll be releasing an EP. But in the meantime, keep refreshing those YouTube clips to get your musical fix. That song really does fit the show perfectly.

Although, when we first heard the title, we couldn’t help but wonder if it might be prophetic. Will No Seasons end up having seasons? Will we see more surreal Bermuda Triangle re-enactments? We effing hope so.

“I do think it's a positive contribution,” Gonzalez says. “I'd love to see more stuff like it. I fully support all of Miami's freakiness.”

You can binge watch the mini-series for yourself right now on YouTube.

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