Jack White Reveals Possibly the Coolest Vinyl Video Promo We've Ever Seen

In quite possibly the coolest vinyl promo we've ever seen on video, Third Man Records has just revealed their latest releases -- and they're good.

They're releasing glow-in-the-dark Halloween 45s, black and blue live series LPs, tri-color 45s, and a peach-scented Karen Elson LP.

As if all of that weren't enough, Jack White makes an appearance in the promo, showing off the new 12" for the Dead Weather called "Blue Blood Blues." But it's not an ordinary 12". It has a 7" secret unreleased track hidden inside of it, that you can only get to by cracking open the original casing with a Swiss Army Knife or a screwdriver. "It's one of the many mind games we like to play with you here over at Third Man Records," White says on the video.

We're hoping they'll have some copies of these in our local record stores soon, so we can get MacGyver-esque with vinyl. Our question: Can we still play the 12" once it's cracked open? Check out the video promo after the jump.

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